Where film is put into words

Where film is put into words

Welcome to Filmclapboard.com! Ever wanted to read opinions about all things entertainment by absolute random people on the interwebs? Well, look no further! We write about films, series, games and everything imaginable in the world of video amusement. Whether we express our love for our favorite movie or go berserk over the worst actors in the biz, we’ll do our best to make all of it an interesting read for you. Have a look into how our crazy little minds work and do not be alarmed when you feel like we’ve lost our sanity. It means only that you have not.

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  • Top 5: The Five Best films of 2018

    Top 5: The Five Best films of 2018

    Let us for a moment revisit last year and revel in the sheer amount of quality that came to the big screen and in some cases the small one. Where 2019 has only gotten me to the ...

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Our favorites, darlings and sweethearts in entertainment will get special treatment here. We love with our hearts and are not afraid to show it.

Time to rant, people! Anything we don’t like or just outright hate will feel our wrath! The reckoning is here!

What’s below the surface? What do we never see or hear? Find out here!

Every new viewing experience is a personal one. But what happens when we talk about it afterwards together? Read it here!

Film is not only what you see. It's what you hear as well. And we all know we shed some tears when the sad music kicked in. 

Does it get better by age or has it faded with the passage of time? These crowd favorites have a second go at the gold. And we will be there to judge them fairly.

Our personal five favorites (or least favorites) in any category.